Asphalt Shingle Roofing

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    Asphalt Shingle Roofing

    Progress has been made from shingles that we all know; this is now known as architectureshingles. This has become one of the highest quality asphalt shingle roofing products made. For asphalt shingles, they are way ahead of anything else currently used in the roofing industry.

    When choosing these types of shingles for your property, you have a variety of choices, but one company name stands out more than any other manufacturer.Owens Corning is the top asphalt shingle producer, and with their high-quality products, you are guaranteed a product that deliversnumerous benefits along witha variety of stylesto suit any home.

    Best Shingle Roofing Sacramento CA

    The Durability of Architectural Shingles

    This is one thing homeowners and business owners never really expect. What roofing materials are required, and how much will a roofing cost to repair? The questions asked about these repairs can continue, and this is most often not budgeted for.
    We offer affordable roofing material prices, and for repairing any type of roof. However, we make sure we never skimp on the quality. We know if a roof is not fixed to meet expectations, individuals will make themselves heard.
    For this reason, we are sure to exceed all expectations rather than just meeting them. With honesty and integrity, we established long-lasting relationships with owners from all areas, who would not turn to anyone else. A roof is a valuable part of any facility, and it deserves the best types of roofing that deliver precisely what it needs to adequately protect what is underneath.

    Construction of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

    With this new design comes a new construction method that makes for a far more durable product, this new type of shingle is built with durable waterproof asphalt which is then embedded with ceramic-coated granules which are then melded to a thick fiberglass base.

    When there are excessive wind speeds, it is common for homes to lose asphalt shingles even in Sacramento. The selected Owens Corning Shingles we use have been tested for winds up to 130 mph.

    The regular size for Architectural shingles is 38 inches X 18 “inches. Shingles are available in various colors and finishes to mimic one of the following:

    Cedar Shakes

    These are the most attractive shingles you can use because theyhave the appearance of natural cedar shingles, theseare thick in construction and contain random gapsjust like a real cedar shake would have.

    Slate Shingles

    This asphalt shingle roofinglooks like slate but is more home-friendly, they weigh lighter, and doesn’t require additional roof support. These can transform any local residential roofing project.

    Shingle Roofing Sacramento CA

    What People Says About Us

    “My store sprung a leak on the flat roof when a branch decided to land on it. Elite Roofing of Sacramento came out and not only fixed the roof a treat, they got rid of the tree branch. Super job!”

    D Ramsey (Sacramento)

    Roofing Commitment

    While being known as a top asphalt roofing company in Sacramento, we proudly serve all our customers, both for shingle roof replacement, shingle roofing installations, or shingle repairs. All of our shingle roofing projects come with the best guarantees and the most affordable rates.

    For years,we have been a proud supplier of asphalt roof shingles in this region, and we have continually built a strong reputation on the back of our services, products and customer support.