Concrete Tile Roofing

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    Concrete Tile Roofing

    One of the most fundamentalaspects of any home is the roof. These have to struggleagainst the elements for many years, so they do take quite a bashing. Many concrete tile roofing systems are rated for around 50 years, but this doesn’t mean they won’t need any work doing on them in this time.

    Roof tile systems come in two basic types, but one of these is more advantageous because of the cost factor between the two.

    This is the second most common roofing tile type, and will offer the matchinggreat benefits of clay tiles yet at a fraction of the cost.

    This has three appearances:

    • Flat profile – no curves
    • Low profile – small curves when viewed from the butt
    • High profile – larger curves when viewed from the butt

    Offeredin several different colors and one or two textures.

    Conrete Tile Roofing Replacement Las Vegas NV

    Clay Tile Roofing

    This is the most expensive of the two types, and it is the most traditional material that is used. They offer a high durability and reliable robustness against the weather, as well as enormous visual appeal.

    These cost around 30% more than concrete alternatives, but can last up to 100 years compared to concrete tile roofing.

    Tile Roof Repairs

    Both of these types, as hard-wearingas they are, will at some stage require some attention. This can be down to unsympatheticweather conditions in Sacramento, or over time some of the tiles may slip from their position.

    The one benefitof clay or concrete tile roofs of this nature is, they can be easy to repair, as it may only be a couple of damaged tiles whichnecessitatereplacing.

    What People Says About Us

    “My store sprung a leak on the flat roof when a branch decided to land on it. Elite Roofing of Sacramento came out and not only fixed the roof a treat, they got rid of the tree branch. Super job!”

    D Ramsey (Sacramento)

    Replacement Tile Roof Systems

    If you are in need of a completetile roof replacement, Elite Roofing of Sacramento can be just the number you need to call.

    No matter which roofing tile types you have, or which one you decide for your tiled roof replacement. Our local skilled roofers have years of experience in working with both kinds.

    Once the job iscomplete, you will be amazedat the new look of your tiled roof.You also have the knowledge your tiled roof is going to defendyou from the elements for countlessyears to come.

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