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    Re-Roofing - Roof Replacement Sacramento

    These two options might sound like they are the same thing. To a certain degree, they are similar, but they are different. One type is more involved than the other, and much of what needs to be done will depend on the type of roof you already have.

    We have roofing teams in Sacramentowho are highlyexperienced in both types, and we have professionals available who can evaluate your roof and give you the best advice of which option will be the best for you and your home. One method is much cheaper than the cost of replacing the entire roof.

    Many rooftop contractor websites include a roof replacement calculator. These deliver a rough idea, but they are not the most accurate things you can rely on. Elite Roofing of Sacramentoprefers to have a professional take a look at a roof and spend a while and calculating an estimate correctly. Aside from this, they will also tell you the parts of a roofwhich require the most attention, and why.

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    Re-Roofing or Roof Replacement Options


    This method is the cheapest option compared to installing a new roof, but it isn’t suitable for all houses or buildings. The things which govern if it is an appropriate option are the slope of your roof, the height of your building and the roofing materials which are currently in place.

    Using this method, our professional roofing teams who will place new shingles on top of existing ones. This can be done successfully if the roof is in excellent condition, and hasn’t received any significant damage previously. When tiles are placed over the top of existing ones, this can only be carried out once, and shouldn’t be done in specific areas,and it does need to cover the entire roof.

    The deciding factor to be able to make your house roofed again depends on the condition of your roof shinglesand the age of the existing shingles, if they are quite few years old, it’s possible this option isn’t a viable one.

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    “A new roof was outside my budget, but I was having problems. Elite Roofing of Sacramento gave me a better second opinion. Theguy came around the same day, and after a quick look, even at the rafters, he said I only needed it re-roofing and I could save a fortune. I sensed they were the right roofing company, so they landed the work and did a fantastic job.”

    A Blake (Sacramento)

    Roof Replacement

    A full roof replacement is the more expensive option of the two, but for the outer layers, the roof materials will have virtually the same cost.

    What differs, is thecost of the workforce required to perform this operation, and also any wood which has become damaged by water.The majority of the expense is generated because the previous roof has been removed.

    If you have suffered from leaks, you may find that a replacement roof quote is your only option. Once our roofing experts inspect your property, they will inform you of the parts of the roof which need replacing. The good thing is, these roof replacement cost estimates are highly affordable, even though all the shingles will be removed.

    The need for residential roof replacementscan creep in for some reasons. A roof faces much more than harsh weather conditions.

    Roof Replacement Sacramento CA

    A full roof replacement is the more expensive option of the two, but for the outer layers, the roof materials will have virtually the same cost.

    There are plenty of environmental factors that can affect roof condition, not to mention age. Older shingles can become brittle and crack, and this not only makes them suspects for leaking, but theybecome weaker and are not able to fend off high winds, and they can be pulled away from your roof much more accessible.

    If you want to know, how much is a new roof, we offer a free roof quote for both of the above options.

    The online calculators only help so far, and they will account for areas under your roof that require attention. Along with this, the rates you get from these calculators won’t be the most affordable cost to replace a roof.

    It is better for you and for your building to bypass the guesswork and let the professional roofers take a look. You might find you only need your home re-roofing which is the quicker and more cost-effective option. If there is no need for a completely new roof, then we won’t advise you to have one.