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    Who We are

    When you check around for good reliable roofing companies, the task quickly becomes overwhelming, there are so many options, but which one do you decide to use?

    Elite Roofing Of Sacramentohas built a solid background and followingwhichgoes back for many years. We have the experience of local roofing experts who were born and raised in Sacramentoand have worked in many areas in the local roofing industry.

    Our skilled craftsmen know all aspects of roofing companies and are very highly trained, experienced and qualified in their trade. When it comes to safety, all roofers are aware of health and safety procedures.This ensuresthere is no damage to you, your property, your employees or to themselves.

    We Care for the Community

    The culture of our company goes way beyond the simple installation or repair of another roof. As the company is full of professionals, there is a continual push to deliver the best possible customer satisfaction.

    Throughout the years, many roofing companies come and go, we are highly committed to supporting our local community, and have learned that through honesty, respect and hard work, we can create a better reputation than relying on paid for advertising.

    Affordable rates, customer satisfaction, and first class customer care are areas in which we stand out. We have no reason to impose exorbitant fees; becausewe look at the long-term goal instead of looking for quick money.

    Each and every project undertaken by us is completed with full respect to the owners and the property. We also travel to any location to make sure your home or building is safe for you and your family.

    Our Commitment

    For any roofing requirements, and as one of the most recognized roofing companies in Sacramento, we have all your roofing needs covered. We have all we needunder one roof, this can be from concrete tiles, shingles, and everything required for all manner of sloped and flat roofs.

    We have the skills, experience, knowledge and a broad range of affordable products and services of the highest quality, that are incomparable.

    When it comes to code, We follow all rigidguidelines and are fully bonded and insured as you would expect from any local Sacramento roofing contractor. We also perform a thorough verification of permits or conditionsrequirements, before any critical work begins.