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    Roof Inspections Sacramento

    There will be some reasons why you might require an inspection of your roof. When you need a roof inspection, you will need the help of professionals, because it is not as simple as looking to see if something has moved or you have a visible hole.

    You also have to consider the security element. Flat roof inspections are pretty safe since it’s as simple as walking on the roof, but having roof inspection services on a sloped tile roof system is an entirely different ball game.

    Roof Inspection Sacramento CA

    What we check in roof inspections

    Elite Roofing of Sacramento performs inspections all the time, and our professionals know instantly what causes problems, and what the remedy will be.

    We follow a roof maintenance checklist, which means we never miss anything. We offer roofing inspection services which are among the best in Sacramento.

    Here are some items fromourroof inspectionschecklist:

    • Checkoverhang by gutters and eaves on shingle and tile roofs
    • Check the attic ventilation is sufficient
    • Inspect attic intakes for blockages and debris
    • CheckR-Value of internal roof insulation is sufficient
    • Check storm collarseals around pipes
    • Checkvalleys forcracks and slippage
    • Check there are no missing shingle coverages
    • Checkwall flashings
    • Check for loose, curled or cracked shingles and tiles
    • Inspect shingles and tiles to stop wind damage.

    What People Says About Us

    “We had a sudden storm, and I was sure something was wrong. I gave Elite Roofing of Sacramento a call for an inspection. They found there was a crack in one of the valley tiles which was letting standing water seep in. Glad I called them, super-efficient!”

    B Rogers (Florin-Sacramento)

    Results of a Roof Inspection

    Once our professionals have reviewed all your roof structures, they make a full report of their findings and detail all the work which may be required.

    No matter what the results of the report, our professionals can solve any problem. If you have flat roofingin place, or a metal roofing system, it is all the same to our skilled roofing teams.

    Throughout Sacramento, our roofers perform roof system repairs daily.

    Wemake it a point, you are aware of the full cost. Many roofing companies explain the work and solve the problem on the spot without asking or giving advance warning. Once you receive the final statement, it can be much more than you expect, and in some cases, it can be a shock.

    We provide affordable services and fully respect your property.

    As a professional company, we make sure you are fully satisfied with the results of our roof inspections, and that you are happy with the roofing services we offer at reasonable prices.

    From a quick phone call, you can schedule roof inspection services at your leisure, so it does not matter where you are located. From ahomeowner, or business. Be sure you have a quality inspection of your roof before anything can catch you unaware and leave you with a nasty surprise.

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